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Wild Ass CBD Gummies

Wild Ass CBD gummies are one of our favorite CBD treats!  These gummies are made by small, local, licensed hemp farmers and processors.  No need to go to the big corporate.  Our hemp is grown pesticide free, in southwest the hottest part of the state!  These full spectrum gummies will do the trick when you are in pain or have some anxiety coming on.  They taste great and are a super easy way to take your CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD

These gummies are made with full spectrum CBD hemp extract.  The Cannabis Sativa plant (hemp) produces over 140 known cannabinoids or phyto-compounds.  The taken together they produce the “entourage effect.”  That means the cannabinoids are more effective as a group than as single or fewer cannabinoids in a product.  These cannabinoids work with your endo-cannabinoid system to enhance you body’s anti-inflammatory response and other things like anxiety.

Small Farmers and Small Processors

We are a group of small farmers and small processors in southwest Nebraska with a passion for everything hemp!  We love the future that hemp holds for us as we re-discover all the processes and products that will hemp us improve our wellness, our economy, and our planet thanks to hemp.  As small farmers we are not focused on corporate profits, we are focused on building one-on-one relationships with our customers and improving our small rural communities by keeping money here where it counts for our schools, our other local businesses, and the jobs of every single family that likes to call rural Nebraska home!

Pesticide Free Hemp

We grow our girls pesticide free in nutrient rich soil by using plastic mulch for weed control and grass/straw in between the rows.  We use a combination of pheromone traps and trap crops to keep insects off our plants so that they grow stress free without the use of chemicals!

Our gummies are made with full spectrum CBD hemp extract that contains small amounts of THC that is naturally found in the hemp plant.   Our CBD gummies contain .3% or less Delta 9 THC which is federally compliant with the 2018 USDA Farm Bill.  If you have drug testing at your workplace please know that even small amounts of THC can result in a failed drug test.  If you possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) you should not consume CBD oils orally as they will also result in a failed drug test and you can be taken out of service and required to take a prevention program at your own cost to be reinstated.


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