Water Soluble CBD Drink Additive



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Water Soluble CBD Drink Additive

Water soluble CBD drink additive is a nano particle size technology product that reduces the molecular size of the CBD by ultrasonic sound waves.  Our Living Fields Collective drink additive comes from our friends in Colorado that grow organic CBD hemp.  This drink additive comes in a single serving container as well as a 15 serving dropper bottle.

Water Solubility

The human body is water based.  All of you cells in your body depend on water for life and water solubility is how vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the body. Oil based CBD products can be absorbed, but only at a decrease amount.  Generally it is stated that an oral CBD oil can be absorbed at about 35% and an addible is about 25-30%.  The slower absorption also means it takes longer to fell the effects.

With water solubility you get much higher absorption into the body cells as well as a much more rapid effect.  Our water soluble drink additive is 14% CBD and 3.4% CBG.  Both of these cannabinoids are good for focusing, mental energy, addressing pain, and feeling better.  The effects can be felt as fast as while you are still consuming the drink!

Mix with your drink!

Mix this additive with any water based drink you want to consume.  The small 15 serving bottle is perfect for on the go wellness.  Take it on road trips when you really need a blast of mental energy.  CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol) are naturally plant produced compounds that uniquely interact with your CB1 and CB2 receptors in your body and mind.



15-Serving Bottle, Single Serving


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