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Prairie Flower +CBD

CBD in my soap?

Prairie Flower CBD is one of our most popular soaps is now available with 200mg of broad spectrum CBD!
Immerse your body in this throwback to simple time and soak up all the natural glycerin to make your skin feel amazing.  Shower yourself with broad spectrum CBD, an all natural, plant derived compound that is specifically made by nature to bind to your CB1 and CB2 receptors which can help calm anxiety, sleeplessness, and ease joint pain due to its anti-inflammatory actions.

Prairie Flower CBD and it’s street credit.

All Natural Hand Made Soap is the hottest thing on the market next to CBD.  Americans all over the country are finally starting to wake up and realize they’ve been soaking their bodies in chemicals for years, or their entire lives. Their skin feels terrible, and they are paying corporations billions to for a lousy soap.  Speaking of real soap…that stuff you’ve been showering in isn’t even soap.

All Natural Hand Made Soap is SOAP.  It is made from fats and/or oils that are reacted with lye to form salts(soap) and natural glycerin in a chemical reaction under heat.

What if Prairie Flower CBD makes me smell good?

You should NOT be using our soap if you want to smell good and feel awesome!  You should probably make sure to social distance as much as possible.  Also don’t use Prairie Flower CBD if you want to sleep better and not itch when you go to bed.  Being happy, feeling awesome, and making friends are definitely things that will happen when you switch to natural soap…it’s basically scientifically proven.
Prairie Flower CBD is an all natural soap all the way through to the essential oils that provide the fresh, wild floral scent.  It also contain natural poppy seeds to gently exfoliate your skin.  Prairie Flower is also VEGAN!  Yes we can cater to anyone we want, it’s a free country and we love everyone who loves the benefits of all natural hand made soap.  
Made with all natural fats/oils, shea butter, natural fragrances.
Olive oil
Coconut oil
sodium hydroxide (lye)
hemp seed oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Cedarwood Essential Oil
shea butter
poppy seeds
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