Natural Beef Tallow Deodorant

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Natural Beef Tallow Deodorant

Natural Beef Tallow Deodorant from Wild Ass Soap Co is here to help you enhance your awesome, wild nature.  Free of toxic aluminum it’s not quite an anti-perspirant in the sense that the chemically-based stuff uses toxic aluminum to force your pores to swell shut so you don’t were it has been applied.

A true deodorant just covers up the smell of BO that comes from bad bacterial growing in your armpit due to sweat and lack of fresh air. This deodorant not only helps cover up the smell of BO with our awesome Wild Ass Soap Co fragrances, but it also fights odor using a natural pre-biotic (inulin powder) that attacks bad bacteria and promotes the good bacteria.  It also helps absorb sweat and odor to keep your stinky pits dry with arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia), and baking soda.

Beef Tallow for great skin!

Who the hell ever heard of using beef tallow in your armpit?  Well who ever thought using Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly would be something you’d want to stuff in your armpit all day long now that we know how toxic aluminum is in the body as it accumulates in the body and is thought to lead to reproductive issue and Alzheimer’s disease…among other things.

Actually, beef tallow from Ranch Foods Direct is pretty badass and also more sustainable than palm oil!  It’s a great base to add our ingredients to and it helps glide right on to your pits.  It’s also all-natural, great for your skin, and contains vitamin A, D, E, K, and B1.  Eat your heart out palm oil.  Using beef tallow helps create value to American ranchers and their cattle because this fat would go to waste.  Beef tallow is completely odorless so if you think you are going to smell like a wet steer, or a juicy ribeye, you would be wrong…although it wouldn’t be a terrible thing to smell like a juicy ribeye!

Why is this deodorant grey?

Our deodorant also contains activated charcoal because it helps absorb and eliminate odors, fights bacterial, and helps detox and cleanse your stinky pits.  Several of our soaps also contain activated charcoal for the same reason.

This product contains small amount of baking soda so if your skin is sensitive to baking soda you should avoid this.  We use baking soda because it is a great natural odor absorbent powder and it’s normally very skin safe.


arrowroot powder

magnesium hydroxide (milk of magnesia)

beef tallow

baking soda

coconut oil

MCT coconut oil

fragrance – paraben & phthalate free

inulin powder – prebiotic

activated charcoal – detox


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