Beef Tallow Ranch Balm


NOTE: We are running very low on several fragrances of Ranch Balms due to a beef tallow consistency issue from the ranch.  We are trying to sort this out as of the first week of July 2024.  We hope to have them back in stock by mid-late August.  

Beef Tallow Ranch Balm

What is “Beef Tallow “Ranch Balm”? These balms are made for working guys and gals to mend dry, cracked, aging, inflamed, wrinkled skin…naturally.  Grass-fed beef tallow balm is made from regionally-sourced beef tallow from American ranchers and is the original skin care product before chemicals were forced on American consumers by corporations.  Ranch Balm combines grass-fed beef tallow with hemp seed oil and golden jojoba oil to make one of the best skin care and skin moisturizers that mother nature can provide!

Beef Tallow Ranch Balm Benefits

Beef tallow is a natural fat that mimics the sebum of our own skin so it absorbs rapidly into our skin and helps regulate our own sebum production.  Tallow contains naturally-produced vitamins A, E, D, & K.  It also contains healthy and important essential fatty acids oleic, palmitic, and stearic acid.  Combined with hempseed oil and golden jojoba oils this balm promoted moisturized, supple, healthy skin.  It can reduce winkles and other aging effects.

Beef Tallow Origins

Our Ranch Balm starts with cattle that are grass-fed on a regenerative farm/ranch in NW Kansas.  They are finished on a light diet of barley in a small owner-operator feed lot and then processed in a stress-free environment to feed families around the country.  This food is marketed to consumers directly in an in-house retail operation Ranch Foods Direct  where they employ artesian butchers, some of which are now second generation for this operation.  None of our tallow is sourced from big packer corporations that are built on exploited labor and horrid working conditions.  The cattle are completely utilized much like the native Americans utilized the American Bison…nothing goes to waste.

After these cattle are processed to feed American families, the bones are cooked(charred) to make valuable natural fertilizer for the farm, the hides are sold to make a plethora of consumer goods, and the fat is rendered for things such as cooking (very healthy and tasty) and making soap like Cow Town.  Since nothing is wasted, Americans are fed nutritious beef, and many consumer products are made with the “waste” this is arguably one of the most sustainable products on the market.

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