200 Proof Body Booze

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Wild Ass Soap Co Body Booze is a 2 oz spray bottle and is available in most, but not all of our fragrances.  We use all grain 200 proof alcohol and it is not denatured because we don’t want to use nasty chemicals in our products.  This stuff is flammable, just like rubbing alcohol so DO keep away from flames, and keep away from your body if you happen to be super-hot!  If you are super hot, please reach out to us as we are currently looking for product models for our soap and deodorant.  Nobody wants to see us in the shower.

200 Proof Body Booze

200 Proof Body Booze is gonna help you smell great all day long when you’re NOT in the shower.  This new body fragrance is made with only 200-proof all-grain alcohol and our favorite fragrances!  These natural fragrances are free of parabens and phthalates as all of our soaps.

Our Body Booze uses the same awesome fragrance as the soap with the same name so once you have your favorite fragrance for the day of the week or the occasion you can always pair the soap, balm, soap, and deodorant together!

We promise you won’t smell like the Avon lady or the kid in Jr High that bathes in cologne.  Body Booze is the perfect blend of 200 Proof grain alcohol and Wild Ass Soap fragrance to make you feel and smell like a handsome ass man or woman, even if you aren’t…like us!

Who Should Wear 200-Proof Body Booze?

Not everyone can wear Wild Ass Soap Co Body Booze so we put together a helpful guide to ensure you are on the right track! We don’t want this stuff getting into the wrong hands because if you want to smell like an awesome, productive American… you gotta earn it!

Suggested for use by:




-Brick layers

-Ditch Diggers





-Fire Fighters




-Movers & Shakers

-Comedians (especially Haley & Lena)

-Barbers and cosmetologists



-Trail bosses

-Waiters/waitresses (especially you guys/gals!)

-Rodeo Athletes

-People with intellectual disabilities, you deserve to smell awesome too!

Not Intended for:

-Clowns (except for rodeo clown, they are considered rodeo athletes…especially the bull fighter heroes)



-The robocall lady that keeps calling about our extended vehicle warranty expiring


-Government censorship types

-PETA activists


-The perpetually offended ruining everything in America








Capt'n Jax Bay Rum, Gambler, Sweet As Sugar, The Hell I Won't, Wild Heart, Cow Town, Cowgirl, Midnight Moon

1 review for 200 Proof Body Booze

  1. Kyla Owens (verified owner)

    Since having children, I sweat so much more than I used to and I STINK. I’ve been using the body booze daily and I do not notice having a body odor nearly as early in the day as I was before. I’ll be excited to try some other fragrances to find my favorite one, but Wild Heart was a good one to start with!

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