1000mg CBD Warming Salve

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1000mg CBD Warming Salve

1000mg CBD Warming Salve comes with a whopping 1000mg of solvent-free, ice water extracted Full spectrum CBD.  The transdermal oils in this salve will penetrate deep into your sore tissue naturally.    This salve is similar to our 1000mg Relief Stick, it’s just a little softer in consistency.

Solvent-Free Ice Water Extraction

1000mg CBD Warming Salve is made with a simple extraction process.  We harvest only flower by hand at peak cannabinoid production and freeze immediately.  Then our flower is taken to the Nebraska-based extractor to be extracted with reverse osmosis ice water made on-site.  The cold temperatures and mixing friction cause the trichomes to separate from the flower material and then it is drained and sifted into hash.  The hash is then gently infused into skin-loving hemp seed oil at a low temperature so that the rich, natural terpene profile is preserved.

No hydrocarbons, alcohols, or super-critical pressure or heat are ever used in this process.  It is safe, natural, and extremely pure…that’s why our products have a great terpene profile.

Small Farm, Big Value

Wild Ass Hemp Farm and Wild Ass Soap Co is a small family farm operation in rural southwest Nebraska.  Our family grows about 350 CBD hemp plants per year, all by hand.  We also grow food plots and market gardens of produce on this 15 acre farm, along with a couple donkeys, horses, and cattle.  We practice regenerative agriculture, which is beyond organic.  Our soil fertility happens naturally with the use of animal manure and cover crops that are capturing carbon.  No chemicals are used.

We offer the highest quality of full spectrum CBD possible in simple packaging that we designed ourselves.  We take care off all the formulation, packaging, and marketing of our products.  As a small family operation in rural Nebraska we know about getting the most value for your dollar.  That’s why we made the decision to offer solvent-free ice water extracted CBD products at prices that the average working family can afford.

Ingredients: solvent-free CBD infused hemp seed oil, beeswax, shea butter, lavender essential oil, camphor oil, eucalyptus essential oil.

Weight2.65 oz

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