About Us

We are the Harris family.  We are 4th & 5th generation Nebraskans that desire to go back to both our family’s heritage of farming and ranching for a healthier and simpler life, even if it’s on a very small scale.  We live on a 15 acre farm just outside of McCook, NE.  We purchased the property in 2013 when it was nothing but an undeveloped piece of grass pasture.  Since then we have developed it into a beautiful homestead, a regenerative farm where we grow much of our own food, and a home for a few donkeys, a few horses, a flock of chickens, and a few livestock animals now and then. 

In addition to making natural soap & skincare products with ranch sourced animal fats, we also grow hemp, potatoes, corn, dry beans, sweet corn, green beans, tomatoes, popcorn,  and more. 

We started Wild Ass Soap Co in 2020 during the height of an American awakening that our health system, our food system, and our government were no longer working for for everyday Americans.  We decided to create healthy skincare products for our family that are fun and represent our rural values.  

What started out as a hobby has turned into a full-blown small business.  We are passionate about advocating for animal agriculture by producing a healthy product line that employs healthy animal fat by products from regional food systems.  The bulk of our ingredients are purchased from small/regional operations, family farms and ranches.  We truly believe in supporting and partnering with other small businesses all across the USA.  

We believe in the spirit and drive of local businesses and their relationships with their customers and communities. It gives us an enormous sense of pride to bring amazing products to customers right here in our own communities in southwest Nebraska.  We love the fact that we are creating opportunities for our future generations and strengthening our local economies so that our small rural communities continue to proper for future generations.

Meet our team


Justin & Kaylynn are the co-founders of Wild Ass Soap Co. and the heads of the household.  Justin is a 1995 graduate of McCook Senior High and Kaylynn is a 1995 graduate of Wheatland High in Madrid, Ne. 

Wyatt is our oldest child and has become the head soap maker over the past couple years.  He enjoys promoting animal agriculture through Wild Ass Soap Co, healthy living, splitting wood, growing his own food.

Lane is our second oldest child and is engaged in many of the day to day operations mostly assisting Wyatt and helping at shows.  Lane enjoys living a simple life, throwing back to the ’80-’90’s, and hating on Triton V8’s despite being a big Ford guy.

Gemma is our next oldest and Jax’s twin.  She is an animal lover by nature. She loves to draw and is very talented.  She also plays the alto saxophone in junior high band.     

Jax is our youngest and a twin to Gemma.  Jax has Down syndrome which gives our family a unique opportunity to live, laugh, and love in ways we didn’t know were possible.  It also brings some chaos to the world as Jax is a little adrenaline junkie as well as being comedian and performer.

Donkey and Elmer are the namesakes for Wild Ass Soap Co.  While not really wild at all, they absolutely embody the “American Spirit” we think of while making soap, travelling to shows, and advocating for animal agriculture and the rural communities that depend on it.  They are strong, independent, protective, and not afraid to question authority…that’s what makes them survivors!